The minor in cultural communication is designed to provide students with principles and theories of communication processes that help explain the dynamics of intercultural interactions in personal and professional contexts. The program is intended for students not majoring in communication studies who wish to augment their major area of study, develop skills of cultural competence and increase their awareness of diversity.

Courses:                                                                                                                                      SCOM 240 The Process of Human Communication                                                            SCOM 245 Signs, Symbols and Social Interaction                                                              SCOM 248 Intercultural Communication                                                                            SCOM 349 Ethnographic Approaches to Communication Studies                                  SCOM 448 Seminar in Cultural Communication

Choose one from the following:                                                                                                     SCOM 347 Communication, Diversity and Popular Culture                              SCOM/WMST 348 Communication and Gender                                                                SCOM 352 Communication and Social Movements                                              SCOM/SMAD 357 Youth, Communication and Culture

Students interested in the Cultural Communication Minor will need to apply to the minor in accordance with the admission policy of the School of Communication Studies.


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